Everyone has a life story to listen deep in, a heart to be fully understood, and a soul longing for love.-Wan Xu. Photo by Gao Wei.

One-to-one coaching is a good choice for private issue coaching. It could be about emotion balance, career choice, relationship issue, connection with parents, connection with children etc. Let us know what’s challenging you and we will see how we can help you.

For Prosperous Clients

Wan Xu Coaching Studio offers a certain number of sample coaching sessions every month for free. If you are interested to see what coaching can do for you, you are welcome to make an appointment for a sample session with an email to:

A sample session is about 30-45 minutes long, and will be done on Skype. A quiet, relaxing environment around you is required for the best outcome of the coaching session.

After the coaching time is set up, please call the coach on time. If you were late or missed it, please be noticed that no rearrangement would be made.

For Current Clients

To download Client Welcome Packet.

To download Remote CHI Healing Receiver Preparation Audio.


One-to-One Remote CHI Healing

It is another type of personalized service Wan Xu Coaching studio provides. It is to help people stop sabotage, receive healing energy, clear negative energy, back to connection with their inner power in a much faster way. The healing power of CHI is magical and amazing. It is developed by M.D. Roy Martina. Many coaches, healers, health professionals in Europe and China have been trained and got certified to do remote Chi healing. Wan Xu is one of the first group of Chinese certified healers.

You are welcome to make a reservation for a sample session to experience it. When you have a real experience, you will understand what is CHI healing.

Video: How Does Remote Healing Work?

Video: How does remote healing work?

Video: How does remote healing work?






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Narrator: Wan Xu
Producer: Nan Wu